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Husami Feeding Scheme Sustains Cape Town’s Needy Communities

In a recent General Household Survey conducted by Statistics South Africa, it’s been estimated that over 7 million citizens experience hunger. Sadly, most of the sufferers are young children, and the lack of proper nutritional sustenance is a merciless gateway to crime, illness and even death. On a more positive note, there is a lot […]

Teddy Bear Clinic Spreads the Love on Valentine’s Day with a Cake Sale

Valentine’s Day may be a grand romantic gesture for some, or simply another day in the year for others. Members of the Teddy Bear Clinic used the sentimental commotion that surrounds this day as an opportunity to help children in need. Fatima Omar took the initiative to spread the love this February, in a way that is far […]

CWF Kids Read to Raise Funds for Special-Needs Children

“Sometimes, superheroes reside in the hearts of small children fighting big battles.” There’s nothing more heartbreaking than witnessing young children being diagnosed with a terminal or chronic illness. On the other hand, there’s nothing more heartwarming than attesting to the great strength and unbreakable spirit that these kids demonstrate. Zayn Cajee is one such child […]

Just Plated Ladies Tea Raises Funds for ILM-SA’s Education Initiative

It’s that time of year when young and eager matriculants have to make the most important decision of their lives. “What will my future look like? What should I study?” For some, the most agonising part is waiting for their final matric results, which will help to steer their academic path. For others, it wouldn’t […]

Rashid Bhikha – Pharmaceutical Industry Pioneer and Healthcare Education Specialist

When paring off the many intricate and remarkable layers of Professor Rashid Bhikha, we’ve discovered that behind the accomplished academic, thought leader, healthcare enterpriser and learned businessman, is a man committed to family and philanthropy. Every step Rashid has taken in his life hasn’t been without discernible point; it’s been a purposeful and conscious stride […]

Public Medical Day Benefits the Less Fortunate in Port Elizabeth

With the excessive price of private healthcare, most South African citizens have no choice but to endure the daylong queues, ill-equipped clinics, medicine shortages, overworked medics and unsanitary conditions that constitute public health centres.  My Youth welfare organisation in Port Elizabeth took the initiative to organise a free medical day to aid the underprivileged in […]