‘Buy a Brick’ Campaign Lays the Foundation for Ennerdale Orphanage

Everything great begins with one decision, one step in the right direction, one donation, and one brick to lay a foundation. The Muslim community of Ennerdale, in the south of Johannesburg, have pooled their resources together to establish a much-needed orphanage in the area.

Plans for the Bait Haleema Sa’adiyya Orphanage are being funded through the aptly-named ‘Buy a Brick’ campaign, which encourages all Joburg residents to donate towards building material and make a difference in the lives of desolate kids. The purpose of the noble project is to reduce the suffering of orphans and prevent children from ending up in dismal conditions on the street. The home hopes to create a loving and nurturing environment, and produce young adults who will become valued and productive members of society.

Each brick costs just R20, and the finished building will be able to house 120 vulnerable children. Donations of R6000 per square meter can also be made or an entire villa can be sponsored at R380 000 for the purpose of Sadaqah Jariyah (a form of continuous charity someone does that remains operative even after the person has passed). Each villa will accommodate 8-10 orphans and one house mother.

The campaign got ‘off the ground’ on 10 September 2017, when a soil-turning ceremony was held to mark the momentous occasion. Local public donors had collected R25 000, with R300 000 pledged by surrounding communities. This is an ongoing construction project which is being built as and when money and bricks are donated. Since Bait Haleema is a non-profit organisation, they rely heavily on donations to complete this project.

Currently, two villas have been erected with the third and fourth still under construction, aiming for completion at the end of December 2018 – Insha Allah. The facility will be a safe haven for kids of all races and religions with no place to go, and will feature a salaah khana (prayer room), toy library, play room and study area. The home will open its doors offering care and guardianship to abandoned children from as young as a few months old to age 18. The Bait Haleema Sa’adiyya Orphanage will recruit 12 full-time house mothers to tend to the children who will also be able to seek academic, personal and emotional support, and counselling when needed from qualified mentors. 

The organisation is grateful for all the sponsorships which they have received so far and guarantee all donors that their pledges will ensure that each orphan child stays in school, continues their education, and becomes a leader within their community.


We anticipate the official opening of this welcoming children’s shelter and applaud the Bait Haleema Sa’adiyya Orphanage team for their hard work and efforts, bearing in mind that big things are built one brick at a time. 

For more information on this project, contact Nazarene Mohammed on 083 653 5669 or email bhorphanage@webmail.co.za

Alternatively, make a donation to:

Madressah Ihya Uloom ud Deen

ABSA – Lenasia

Account no: 407 404 5915

Branch code: 632005

Ref: Bricks

Please email the Proof of Payment to: bhorphanage@webmail.co.za