Care4u2 Puts the ‘Fun’ in Fundraiser with Hint Hunt

Proving that fundraisers are so much more than just motivational speeches, cake sales and walkathons, Care4u2.Respite.Outreach recently held a fun-filled charity event at Hint Hunt in Illovo, Johannesburg, to benefit those in need of wheelchairs. 

Hint Hunt is an escape-room activity where guests are locked in a room and confined for 60 minutes. During the hour, participants have to channel their inner McGyver and use their collective skills and knowledge to solve puzzles and clues in order to break out as quickly as possible, and gain freedom.

This nail-biting team-building event took place on 21 October 2018, where the young and young at heart geared up for a thrilling afternoon of riddles and recreation. Players had to purchase tickets to participate in the challenging activity which ultimately resulted in loads of fun, laughter, literally ‘thinking outside the box’, and of course feel-good vibes knowing that their money was going towards a worthy cause. 

The Care4u2 organisation is dedicated to assisting children and individuals with special needs, as well as their families. The NPO appealed to the local community with this exciting and innovative fundraising idea to help raise funds for various ongoing respite and outreach programmes. Judging by the cheerful faces at the event, it was a roaring success.

Tickets were sold at R300 each, with a 2-for-1 special on the compelling game. After expenses were taken into account, a grand total of R13 902 was collected. These funds will be beneficial in purchasing specialised wheelchairs and offer respite care for families. Wheelchairs for individuals living with disabilities can cost more than R2000 each.

Care4u2 is grateful to the entire board and their spouses, the volunteers, families, friends and colleagues who participated in the event, as well as all the generous sponsors. The fundraiser also provided a platform for the organisation to promote their respite-care services for parents and caregivers, and give special-needs children opportunities to further their skills in a work environment.

For more information on Care4u2.Respite.Outreach, please email Dr. Zafreen Valli or Zaidah Goosein on or visit their website