Dress-up Diaries Gifts Pre-Owned Evening Wear to Underprivileged Girls

Every young girl revels in the opportunity to dress up in a beautiful gown and accessories, with dreams of being the belle of the matric ball or just to have something tasteful and pretty to wear to a family wedding. The Dress-up Diaries affords girls from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to ‘shop’ through a fabulous selection of second-hand evening wear, shoes, bags and accessories, promoting the concept of femininity, inner beauty and self-confidence.

Run in association with the Caring Women’s Forum, the second DUD project took place at the Suliman Nana Memorial Hall in Crosby on 23 June 2018. Gently-used evening dresses, heels, handbags and accessories were collected nationwide for the event, while members of the public were asked to nominate girls who were deserving and in need of attire suited for a special occasion. 80 Girls from underprivileged schools, orphanages and safety homes were then invited to attend this exciting shopping experience, and were given style tips and advice by the volunteers and organisers, who went out of their way to ensure that each young lady left with the perfect outfit.

The event was graced by Mrs Charity 2018, Candice Robbertze, who spoke to the young ladies about female empowerment and instilled courage, confidence and belief into their minds and hearts by sharing her own experiences. Candice also kindly donated healthy food items to the girls, encouraging them to take care of their bodies from the inside out.

Tasneem Valley shared her knowledge on skin care and beauty tips, and pointed out items which we already have in our homes as the best sources of food for our skins. This proved to the girls that self-care and feeling beautiful and radiant is not dependant on the ability to afford pricey skincare products. The girls left the event not only with bags full of clothing, but more importantly, with hearts full of joy and confidence.

“There are many influences which place pressure on defining the ‘beauty of women’, often only from a perspective of outer beauty. There is more to beauty than the way someone looks; beauty relates to the way a woman feels, her etiquette, deportment, self-esteem and confidence.” 

This trailblazing style project allows girls to select their dream dresses through a make-shift clothing store, that attempts to create a retail atmosphere for them to shop in. What was once someone’s formal occasion gown has been given a new life in the hands of an enthusiastic teen who had only seen dresses like these in magazines. These pre-loved outfits and accessories have been re-purposed and given a new home, lending both dignity and grace to its new owners.

For more information on the Dress-up Diaries, contact:

  • Raeesa – 072 674 2334
  • Fatima – 071 478 0202
  • Tasneem – 083 859 7860
  • Muniba – 072 285 8208