Islamic Relief ‘Bakes the World a Better Place’ with Fundraiser for Yemen

A country shattered by the repercussions of a civil war, Yemen is one of the poorest nations in the Middle East. Thousands of civilians have lost their lives in the war, tens of thousands more have incurred severe injuries, and millions are left in desperate need of humanitarian aid, medical treatment and food. According to the BBC, 8. 4 million people are at a risk of starvation, with young children at the highest risk of malnutrition and mortality. 

Islamic Relief SA brought attention to the calamities faced by the everyday Yemeni, by holding a drive to raise funds for the imperilled nation.  The ‘Bake the world a better place’ project took place on 24 November 2018 in Fordsburg, Johannesburg. This community fundraiser had local Samaritans get out their sugar and spatulas in aid of the cause. Well-loved neighbourhood café, Solly’s Corner in Lilian Ngoyi Street availed their premises for the event which began after 10 am. 

A score of big-hearted volunteers offered to put up their finest creations for sale, with all proceeds going towards assisting orphans in Yemen. The event placed emphasis on the tagline #YEMENCANTWAIT as World Digest estimates that 85 000 children have already died of starvation. This famine-ridden country deserves far more media attention and everyone is encouraged to also adopt this hashtag.

Islamic Relief SA was touched by the number of bakers who approached them to sponsor different type of cakes and baked goods. Their willingness to give back to humanity is a step in the right direction. They were also awed by the generosity of all those who made donations in cash or kind towards the project. “May Allah bless them all.”

A total amount of R21 000 was raised which will be used to attain medical supplies, food and shelter for destitute Yemenis. Islamic Relief also hopes to contribute towards giving them better standards of living – Insha-Allah. The current accelerating cholera outbreak has seen up to 10 000 new cases being reported per week.

May the heartfelt gestures of South African welfare organisations, sponsors and volunteers (such as these) provide a ray of hope to the Yemeni people, who are afflicted by abysmal circumstances over 5 800km away.

For more information on the cause, contact Zaheer Rajah on 067 057 4803 or email