Just Plated Ladies Tea Raises Funds for ILM-SA’s Education Initiative

It’s that time of year when young and eager matriculants have to make the most important decision of their lives. “What will my future look like? What should I study?” For some, the most agonising part is waiting for their final matric results, which will help to steer their academic path. For others, it wouldn’t matter whether they’ve achieved 4 or even 9 distinctions; they don’t have the funds to go to the university of their choice either way.

ILM-SA (Institute for Learning and Motivation South Africa) is an Islamic NPO that specialises in socio-economic empowerment, education and motivational programmes. They’ve built their respectable position as a bursary-fund facilitator on the philosophy that every student has the right and potential to access tertiary education, regardless of their race, gender, religion or social standing. 

On 1 December 2018, the compassionate ladies of Just Plated held a ‘Ladies Tea’ fundraiser for the ILM-SA bursary fund. The enjoyable event took place at Randeree’s Braai Ranch in Sherwood, Durban. The event was intended as a ‘meet and greet’ function and tea for the members of the various social media groups that encompass the recipe-share pages known as Just Plated. While the event was small-scale, money was raised through ticket sales and donations.

There were a number of local sponsors who generously contributed to the event:

  • Beloved local cookbook author Jameela Sayed shared her time and expertise with the attendees and donated her cookbooks for the giveaway prizes.
  • Sumaya Rashid spoilt the ladies with some of her delicious desserts.
  • Mariam of Cocoanilla prepared some of her delightful cakes for the event.
  • Other major sponsors included Allifa’s Spices, Clover SA, Montagu Dried Fruit & Nuts, and Buttanutt SA.

The funds raised will be donated towards the Institute for Learning and Motivation South Africa and is intended to help underprivileged young adults to achieve their dreams through tertiary bursaries. The students will be assisted with funding towards university fees, textbooks, accommodation, food supply and transport.

ILM-SA does not burden the students with having to pay back exorbitant study loans, but instead encourages them to pay it forward and play an active role in volunteering at ILM-SA charity events. These newly-qualified professionals are asked to give back to their communities and act as role models for the younger generation. There is no better gain or reward than seeing these sponsored students graduate and do something truly worthwhile with their lives.

For more information on Just Plated, email maryamv.design@gmail.com

Contact Ilm SA on info@ilmsa.co.za or visit their website for more information.