Nanima Foundation donates 100 Ramadaan hampers

The Nanima Foundation commiserates with those less fortunate during Ramadaan, the holy month of fasting, fully acknowledging the state of uncertainly some South Africans endure when it comes to daily necessities like food and other groceries.

An assortment of essential groceries were packed into the hampers

The foundation collected and compiled Ramadaan hampers and Eid gifts for those in need. 100 Hampers, valued at R350 each, were sponsored and packed with a 2-week supply of essential food and grocery items. These hampers were distributed to the elderly and widowed residents in Marlboro and the surrounding Johannesburg townships: 

  • 30 in Tembisa
  • 18 in Kliptown, Soweto.
  • 50 in Marlboro and Alexandra

Grocery hampers being packed at Ashraful Uloom, Marlboro

The total amount collected for this grocery drive was R40 000. The foundation teamed up with Ashraful Uloom in Marlboro for 2 days, using their premises as a base to package and deliver the hampers. Eid gifts (in the form of cash) were also given to Imaams in the aforementioned townships as a thankful contribution for all their hard work and dedication.

Happy and grateful recipients of the Ramadan hampers

The Nanima Foundation shed a hopeful light on so many desperate families, truly embracing the compassion and kindness affiliated with Ramadaan.

For more information, please contact The Nanima Foundation on 073 984 7860 or email

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