Nomzamo High School Begins 2018 with New Library and Computer Lab

In today’s forward-thinking society, education and technology go hand in hand. However, many schools in impoverished areas of our country don’t have the funds nor access to computers or internet services, let alone books. 


Muslim Hands South Africa, an NGO based in Cape Town, is on a quest to rectify this situation. They recently developed a Resource Centre at Nomzamo High School in Strand, Western Cape, which features a newly renovated library and computer lab. Over 888 students are fortunate to begin their 2018 school year with a vast collection of beneficial books and a set of PCs to help better their academic capabilities.

The Resource Centre was installed at the end of the school calendar on 5 December 2017,  and the establishment thereof is estimated to have cost R54 000. This valuable and much-needed facility will afford high school students the same opportunities other teens have – an encyclopedic gateway to a wealth of online information and a treasury of books to help expand their knowledge and improve their literacy skills.

Muslim Hands SA has successfully ticked off these objectives:

  • The provision of shelving for the library
  • The provision of computers to assist students with their learning
  • To create a reading culture
  • To give the students a chance at ownership

This new centre will encourage learners to read more, allow them to stretch their imaginations, improve their use of technology and gain knowledge from every portal of education on the world wide web. Prior to this renovation, the closest library was a 30-minute walk from the school.

Nomzamo High School was established in 2014 with a mere 200 learners in the poverty-stricken area of Strand, next to the N2 highway. Since then, it has expansively evolved with 888 enrolled students and a staff complement of 27 teachers. It prides itself on being a ‘No Fee school’

Muslim Hands SA hopes to address the complex problems of poverty and inequality of previously disadvantaged communities by focusing on the needs of the youth in schools. We commend them for their excellent work and for giving the gift of reading to such a deserving academic institution.

For more information on how you can contribute, contact Muslims Hands SA on 021 6336413 or email

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