Mini Miracles ease new mothers into parenthood with baby starter packs

“A mother is always the beginning. She is how things begin.” – Amy Tan

From the moment a new life is ushered into the world, the entire conservation of their existence rests on the shoulders of his or her mother for the first few months, although the significance of a mother’s role can never be fully illustrated nor appreciated. In an attempt to help destitute new mums embrace that role better, Razeena Saloojee established Mini Miracles – an ongoing fundraising drive that uses its foundation to benefit struggling mothers and their newborn babies.

Initiated in September 2018, Mini Miracles has been collecting donations and assembling ‘baby starter packs’ which are generously-filled bags containing with all the essentials every new mother needs. With the rising prices of diapers, baby toiletries, clothes and formula, it becomes almost impossible for low-income families to keep up with the constant requirements of an infant.

The Mini Miracles project spreads its open hands across Hillbrow Hospital in Johannesburg and FER Hospital on the far East Rand. The project is an ongoing one, with Razeena working ceaselessly to collect enough funds or contributions to make up the hampers. Each hamper usually includes baby clothes, a blanket, face cloths, maternity pads, toilet rolls, wet wipes and nappies, as well as something for the new mother to snack on during those long, sleepless nights. The lovely tote that the products are packaged in also serves as a functional nappy bag.

There is no reward greater than seeing the look of desperation washed away from the face of an exhausted mother, post-labour, after being presented with a gift bag of everything that she and her little treasure would need. Many of these mums arrive at the hospital with few or no baby products in hand.

Thus far, a total of 360 bags have been created, with thanks due to the many generous donations of money and items. Each bag is valued at +/-R230. Last December, 50 ‘Mum and Baby’ packs were also given to charity organisation, Colours of Hope, to distribute at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital.

Razeena is grateful for all the support she’s received towards the project from her family and friends. Local bloggers also joined in to donate and promote the campaign via their online social media platforms which increased awareness.

We hope to see this project grow and expand to more public hospitals around South Africa. Until then, Razeena and her benevolent sponsors can be content that so many young lives began with love, comfort and cosiness, all thanks to them.


For more information on Mini Miracles, please contact Razeena Saloojee on 072 221 2342 or email

New BeginningZ Orphanage opens new Baby Wall in Sunnyside

Mandela Day is a fond reminder of the greatness, tolerance and kindness our former leader portrayed. New BeginningZ Orphanage took his lead this July 18th, by giving hope to vulnerable mothers and babies who have nowhere to go.

The compassionate caregivers from the orphange constructed a second New BeginningZ Baby Wall in Sunnyside, Pretoria, where despairing mothers can safely drop off their unwanted or unplanned babies.

New Baby Wall erected in Sunnyside, Pretoria

We often hear heart-shattering news stories about abandoned helpless and frail babies that are discarded in dust bins, public toilets or parks, and sometimes left undiscovered for days.

As grim and insensitive as it may seem, desperate mothers are often left with no choice but to give up their babies because they don’t have the available resources to care for themselves, let alone a newborn.

Unwanted babies can be safely dropped off in this post box

The Baby Wall, which is the third of its kind established by New BeginningZ, is a wall with a large post box where unwanted babies can be left, safely and anonymously. This project was also made a reality thanks to PEN, a recycling center in Sunnyside which provided the location for the wall.

The founder of New BeginningZ Orphanage, Tahiyya Hassim initiated this awe-inspiring project to give unwanted babies the opportunity of life and love, regardless of how they came into this world. Through her organisation, they are cared for in a safe, loving and homely environment, before they are placed for adoption by Forever Families, an organisation which grants them the possibility of living a normal, stable life.

New BeginningZ gives these little angels the best possible start early in life with a solid foundation based on love, acceptance, security and stability through their wide range of holistic care services. Babies stay at the orphanage until the necessary investigations are complete. This is conducted to establish the future permanency planning of each child.

New BeginningZ Orphanage is situated Laudium, Pretoria, founded and run by Tahiyya Hassim.

If you would like to help her cause or require more information, please contact Tahiyya on 082 522 7868 or email

Alternatively, visit their website