QIA Grocery Drive aids ‘Alexandra Floods’ victims

Rain storms in the city of Johannesburg can be very temperamental, often causing flooding that effects disadvantaged communities.

The township of Alexandra is one such community which repeatedly suffers the devastating consequences of heavy rains. During the torrential downpour of November 2016, this district was severely afflicted, resulting in a major loss of possessions and destroyed homes.

Collection of groceries for Alexandra flood victims

The faculty and students of Qurtuba Islamic Academy (QIA ) in Linbro Park (Sandton) timeously organised a grocery drive to assist those affected by the floods. Learners collected various essential groceries and helped to pack the hampers. Among the packages, students donated canned foods, long-life milk, teabags, coffee, sugar, rice, maize meal and toilet paper.

These hampers were then distributed to flood victims and their families. Losing almost everything they own in a flood situation, the victims were extremely grateful for the generous donation by QIA. It was a small but vital aid to recovery of their greater losses. The groceries were a considerable help in providing them with sustenance until they were able to pick up the pieces and formulate a more stable recovery plan.

Groceries were collected by students and packed into hampers

This grocery drive to assist flood victims taught the QIA learners that we as a community should be aware of situations around us and we should always try to provide aid to those in need.

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Nanima Foundation donates 100 Ramadaan hampers

The Nanima Foundation commiserates with those less fortunate during Ramadaan, the holy month of fasting, fully acknowledging the state of uncertainly some South Africans endure when it comes to daily necessities like food and other groceries.

An assortment of essential groceries were packed into the hampers

The foundation collected and compiled Ramadaan hampers and Eid gifts for those in need. 100 Hampers, valued at R350 each, were sponsored and packed with a 2-week supply of essential food and grocery items. These hampers were distributed to the elderly and widowed residents in Marlboro and the surrounding Johannesburg townships: 

  • 30 in Tembisa
  • 18 in Kliptown, Soweto.
  • 50 in Marlboro and Alexandra

Grocery hampers being packed at Ashraful Uloom, Marlboro

The total amount collected for this grocery drive was R40 000. The foundation teamed up with Ashraful Uloom in Marlboro for 2 days, using their premises as a base to package and deliver the hampers. Eid gifts (in the form of cash) were also given to Imaams in the aforementioned townships as a thankful contribution for all their hard work and dedication.

Happy and grateful recipients of the Ramadan hampers

The Nanima Foundation shed a hopeful light on so many desperate families, truly embracing the compassion and kindness affiliated with Ramadaan.

For more information, please contact The Nanima Foundation on 073 984 7860 or email

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Qurtuba Islamic Academy donates grocery hampers in the spirit of Ramadaan

With Ramadaan coming to a close, most of us have been fortunate enough to begin and end each day of fasting with an abundance of wholesome and delicious food. To truly acknowledge the spirit of the month of fasting, we have to put ourselves in the shoes of those who can’t enjoy the luxury of having a spread of food on their tables each iftaar (time of breaking fast).

QIA students hard at work packing hampers

Staff and students at Qurtuba Islamic Academy were conscious of this need among the less privileged members of the Muslim community. During May 2017 before Ramadaan began, these kind-hearted benefactors began raising funds for iftaar hampers. Funds were collected from QIA students, as well as members of the Linbro Park Muslim community.

A wide selection of groceries were packed in each hamper

Groceries were purchased through the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa, and included a variety of useful food products; sugar, flour, tin foods, oil, mealie meal, oats, rice, spices, eggs, tea, coffee and much more. The hampers also included essential household products like soap, washing powder and toothpaste. Once the groceries were purchased, Qurtuba Islamic Academy learners spent their first Saturday in Ramadaan hard at work packing individual hampers for distribution. This served as a learning experience for the children and allowed them the opportunity to consider the plight of the less fortunate.

60 hampers packed and ready to be distributed

60 Hampers were donated in total; 10 to deserving individuals in the Linbro Park community and 50 hampers were handed over to the Jamiatul-Ulama South Africa, who distributed them to widows and other worthy recipients. The hampers, valued at approximately R850 each, were filled to the brim with indispensable supplies, intended to sustain each family for the entire month of fasting. This project was made a reality thanks to Moulana Asad Pandor of the Jamiatul Ulama of South Africa.

Beneficiaries receiving their grocery hampers

Qurtuba Islamic Academy can be proud that while they broke each fast with a feast this Ramadaan, their hamper recipients also experienced the joy of having good food on the table.

For more information about the academy and their initiatives, please call the Qurtuba Islamic Academy on 011 608 0527 or email

Alexandra Disaster Relief Hampers – The Northern suburbs band together

Nature can be very unpredictable, and Alexandra, a township in Johannesburg has fallen victim to its forces on many occasions. In the past, residents were faced with damaging floods and devastating fires which displaced many, destroying homes and livelihood.

Muslim communities from the Northern suburbs decided it was time to be proactive and have joined forces to create the Alexandra Disaster Relief Initiative. It began with the foresight of the communities of Kelvin, Ashraful Uloom (Marlboro) and Johannesburg Emergency Services, who had pre-packed hampers to be used in the event of an emergency. The relief packs were sourced, packed and stored by members of the Kelvin community.

Basic essentials were collected for emergency purposes

The pilot project initially took flight on 12 April 2017 when a tragic fire in the township left 19 families destitute. Due to the hampers being packed and on stand-by a few months before, the victims were provided with basic essentials without delay. Pre-packing the hampers allows for better response times, more effective assistance and organisation in times of adversity.

Hampers packed and ready to go!

The success of the first project prompted another collection which was organised on 3 June 2017. Volunteers from the Northern suburbs spent their Saturday packing boxes of indispensable wares, most of which may seem like a daily grocery run to some, but is in fact a lifeline to those in need. These compassionate citizens pooled their resources together and collected various non-perishable groceries and essential commodities which could be used in a state of an emergency. 150 hampers, valued at R15 000 in total, were assembled and sealed, ready to be used when calamity strikes again.

Community members, young and old helped to pack the hampers

The remarkable response and generosity of these individuals is highly commended. Not only did they donate all the goods for the relief hampers, they also supplied their time and effort to compiling the boxes.

These hampers came in handy once again, when another fire broke out in Alexandra on 10 June 2017, where two homes were sadly burnt to the ground, affecting nine people. The Ashraful Uloom team swiftly responded to the disaster on behalf of the Northern suburb organisations and masjids.

Left: A resident receiving his relief hamper. Right: Effects of the devastating fire.

The Alexandra Disaster Relief Initiative aims to bring about social change in communities, creating awareness of the plight of the less fortunate who dwell in this area. This initiative brings the communities from the different suburbs and groups together for a common purpose; assisting humanity. It inspired the spirit of ‘Ubuntu’ among all and gives those left destitute a sense of hope that there are communities out there who care and are always willing to help.

The communities involved include: Athol Muslim Jamaat, Sandton Islamic Association, Kelvin Residents Association, Wendywood Muslim Jamaat, Ashraful Uloom – Marlboro, Buccleuch Masjid, Marlboro Masjid, Sunninghill Muslim Association, and Linbro Park Islamic Association.

For more information about this initiative, please email Moulana Riaz Moosa on