ICare’s Annual Children’s Day Spreads Cheer to Underprivileged Kids

The most valuable lessons that we can learn from children are how to play without abandon, find joy in the simplest things and be genuinely happy for no reason. These are the nuggets of wisdom that were so freely and joyously spread by kids of all ages at ICare’s Annual Children’s Day. Despite their less than ideal socio-economic situations, children from various orphanages and safe havens were treated to an entire day of FUN and PLAY, banishing thoughts of their despairing conditions without any worry about tomorrow.

The ICare Children’s Foundation raised the spirits of dozens of underprivileged kids on 6 December 2018, at the Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town. They were transported from numerous  homes in the Cape area, including Bokaap Helpers, Elonwabeni Child and Family Centre, Marsh Memorial, Beitun Nur, Peace Home, Sherwood Park Safe House, Heideveld Safe House, Wisdom Pond, Driftsands Madressah, SOS Childrens’ Home, Solomons Haven, CT Multipurpose Centre and Baitul Ansaar.

For most of the elated youngsters, this was not just their first trip to the Castle of Good Hope, but it was their first journey into the actual CBD. Organisers and volunteers had a fun-filled day planned out, dotted with exciting activities, hearty meals and snacks, party packs and engaging rounds of sports and games. The kids also thoroughly enjoyed Playpoi, a performance art composed of swinging special tethered weights in rhythmical patterns.

The City of Cape Town Fire and Rescue also lent their time and skills to do an informative presentation on fire-safety awareness. These tips are vital to vulnerable children living in informal settlements that are prone to shack fires.

Starting the day off on a healthy note, the children were treated to a nutritious breakfast and later a delicious lunch, which was the perfect refresher on the active day. Local professional soccer players from Cape Town City F.C. contributed their time to interact with the kids and gave them a motivational talk.

A fantastic grand total of over R50 000 was raised and contributed towards the event, made possible by a thread of charitable sponsors. ICare extends their most heartfelt gratitude to:

  • Shaieda and Adiel Lakay, as well as the Wynberg volunteers for preparing the breakfast, fruit and party packs.
  • Florida Foods, Truda Chips, Jive, Castle of Good Hope, Sulaiman & Sons, Palmo Meats and other sponsors.
  • Sports Stepping Stones, for providing the sporting activities.
  • The Original Cause Cabal, for introducing the children to Playpoi.
  • Cape Town City Football Club, for making time in their busy schedule to spend time with the kids.
  • Ivan Neethling and his team for sponsoring the venue.

Guest Patrons included Pastor Emmanuel Platzes, Prince and Paramount Chief Cyril January, and Adam Cloete (representative of the January Royal House of the Khoisan).

Undoubtedly the highlight of their year, the kids’ jubilant experience at ICare’s Annual Children’s Day is one which they will fondly remember. Thanks to ICare for bringing such joy into these little lives!


For more information on ICare Children’s Foundation, contact Sadiyya Absalom on 081 390 5039 / 021 699 0302 or email

ICare Children’s Foundation Hosts Annual Muharram Senior’s Lunch

One of the greatest honours in life is taking care of those who once took care of us. While the elderly are often forgotten and overlooked, these incredible men and women should be celebrated as the pillars of society, admired for their contribution to their communities and consulted for their wisdom and experience.

The ICare Children’s Foundation in Rylands, Cape Town, recently commemorated these venerable souls by hosting a Muharram (new year) lunch in their honour. The welfare organisation, which usually works in aid of the youth, acknowledges senior citizens annually with an enjoyable and memorable luncheon to ring in the Islamic new year. For some of these respected guests, this is the only outing of its kind that they attend during the year.

The event was held at The Gatesville Civic Centre in Gatesville, Cape Town, on 11 October 2018. A total of 320 guests were treated to a delicious 4-course meal which included starters, two mains and desserts. Other than the appetising dishes and splendid company, the retirees were also delighted by entertainment and gifts.

Young talent entertain the esteemed elderly guests

Seniors from all walks of life, races and religions united under one roof and rejoiced in this special occasion, gratified in just being remembered. The guests were invited from various old age homes and villages through senior networks in the area, including Apricot Village, Beitul Amman, Women Who Care, Bonteheuwel Walking Ladies and Kensington Home to name a few.

The function wouldn’t have been possible without the generous contribution and assistance from local businesses and individuals in the community. They were able to raise R20 000 in sponsorships and R5000 in cash.


ICare thanks all their donors and mentions that they wish to grow the annual event to benefit even more people in the future. Inshaa-Allah.

For more information on ICare Children’s Foundation, please contact Sadiyya Absalom on 021 699 0302 or email