Husami Feeding Scheme Sustains Cape Town’s Needy Communities

In a recent General Household Survey conducted by Statistics South Africa, it’s been estimated that over 7 million citizens experience hunger. Sadly, most of the sufferers are young children, and the lack of proper nutritional sustenance is a merciless gateway to crime, illness and even death. On a more positive note, there is a lot we can do to improve these stats. One group in Cape Town has taken an unabridged approach to fighting hunger in their city, and have been feeding the needy for more than 15 years.

The Husami Feeding Scheme began with volunteers cooking one pot of food every Saturday in Ramadaan (fasting month), to cooking between six to eight pots every week during the holy month. The Husami group have also recently teamed up with a charitable body called ‘Lace up for Change’, to cook a few pots of food once a month for those struck by poverty and economic hardships. These hot meals provide nourishment to various local impoverished communities, as well as residents of the Vision and Child Youth Care Centre and the Beitul Amaan old age home.

The teams make recurrent visits to the old age home and various orphanages, and also assist with the sponsorship of stationary and school clothes for destitute youth. Food parcels are regularly packaged for the less fortunate and needy families.

The name of the feeding scheme, ‘Husami’, is aligned to the masjid (place of worship) in Cravenby, Cape Town, from where all the meals are cooked. This beneficial scheme runs throughout the year ensuring that the poorer communities are never left malnourished. Volunteers also visit the Vision Child and Youth Care Centre in Mountview (Landsdowne, Cape Town) to host special braais and dinners, and ensure that the kids’ schooling needs are met. The Beitul Amaan old age home in Wynberg is also an establishment where the Husami group spends time to attend to the needs of the elderly. 

The benefactors choose to remain anonymous, and are content just knowing that their donations are going to an exceptionally helpful cause. They are constantly updated via a broadcast group on WhatsApp, and donors are always willing to make a contribution whenever the need arises.

No matter the challenges and difficulties that life may throw at them, these disadvantaged individuals can always rely on getting their hunger sated with a wholesome and fulfilling meal at Husami Masjid. 


For more information, contact Murad Ebrahim on 060 526 6149 or email

The Helpers Visit the Weiners Old Age Home in Alexandra

The aged in our society are often overlooked and their valuable contributions have been long forgotten. A group of Muslimahs called ‘The Helpers‘ aim to keep the spirit of the elderly aflame by visiting old age homes (and other locations), offering their services and time wherever needed.

On 2 November 2017, The Helpers, who are from the greater Sandton area, paid a visit to Weiners Old Age Home in Alexandra, Johannesburg, where they sought out to uplift these senior citizens and spread a message of love, compassion and remembrance. The ladies held a tea party for the +100 occupants, and provided delicious snacks and drinks.

The Helpers find that it’s beneficial for Muslims to go out and assist the underprivileged, not only as a way to illustrate the beauty and kindness Islam propagates, but also to bring communities together. People from different cultures and backgrounds can bond over a cup of tea, share interesting life stories and learn about each other’s customs and traditions. Our older citizens have a wealth of knowledge to share and it’s important for us to try and assimilate as much of it as we can.

Sheikh Salama also accompanied The Helpers to the home, where he extended an invitation to Islam and assisted all those interested in reverting. Inspired by his phenomenal words, a few of the caretakers and elderly residents decided to accept Islam at the end of the visit.

A little love, time and affection goes a long way. Boosting the morale of our retirees and allowing them to feel like they’re still an important part of our communities is a gift of incalculable worth. 

For more information about The Helpers and Dawah Forum, please contact Hafiz Fareed on 083 564 7929 or email