Husami Feeding Scheme Sustains Cape Town’s Needy Communities

In a recent General Household Survey conducted by Statistics South Africa, it’s been estimated that over 7 million citizens experience hunger. Sadly, most of the sufferers are young children, and the lack of proper nutritional sustenance is a merciless gateway to crime, illness and even death. On a more positive note, there is a lot we can do to improve these stats. One group in Cape Town has taken an unabridged approach to fighting hunger in their city, and have been feeding the needy for more than 15 years.

The Husami Feeding Scheme began with volunteers cooking one pot of food every Saturday in Ramadaan (fasting month), to cooking between six to eight pots every week during the holy month. The Husami group have also recently teamed up with a charitable body called ‘Lace up for Change’, to cook a few pots of food once a month for those struck by poverty and economic hardships. These hot meals provide nourishment to various local impoverished communities, as well as residents of the Vision and Child Youth Care Centre and the Beitul Amaan old age home.

The teams make recurrent visits to the old age home and various orphanages, and also assist with the sponsorship of stationary and school clothes for destitute youth. Food parcels are regularly packaged for the less fortunate and needy families.

The name of the feeding scheme, ‘Husami’, is aligned to the masjid (place of worship) in Cravenby, Cape Town, from where all the meals are cooked. This beneficial scheme runs throughout the year ensuring that the poorer communities are never left malnourished. Volunteers also visit the Vision Child and Youth Care Centre in Mountview (Landsdowne, Cape Town) to host special braais and dinners, and ensure that the kids’ schooling needs are met. The Beitul Amaan old age home in Wynberg is also an establishment where the Husami group spends time to attend to the needs of the elderly. 

The benefactors choose to remain anonymous, and are content just knowing that their donations are going to an exceptionally helpful cause. They are constantly updated via a broadcast group on WhatsApp, and donors are always willing to make a contribution whenever the need arises.

No matter the challenges and difficulties that life may throw at them, these disadvantaged individuals can always rely on getting their hunger sated with a wholesome and fulfilling meal at Husami Masjid. 


For more information, contact Murad Ebrahim on 060 526 6149 or email

‘Buy a Brick’ Campaign Lays the Foundation for Ennerdale Orphanage

Everything great begins with one decision, one step in the right direction, one donation, and one brick to lay a foundation. The Muslim community of Ennerdale, in the south of Johannesburg, have pooled their resources together to establish a much-needed orphanage in the area.

Plans for the Bait Haleema Sa’adiyya Orphanage are being funded through the aptly-named ‘Buy a Brick’ campaign, which encourages all Joburg residents to donate towards building material and make a difference in the lives of desolate kids. The purpose of the noble project is to reduce the suffering of orphans and prevent children from ending up in dismal conditions on the street. The home hopes to create a loving and nurturing environment, and produce young adults who will become valued and productive members of society.

Each brick costs just R20, and the finished building will be able to house 120 vulnerable children. Donations of R6000 per square meter can also be made or an entire villa can be sponsored at R380 000 for the purpose of Sadaqah Jariyah (a form of continuous charity someone does that remains operative even after the person has passed). Each villa will accommodate 8-10 orphans and one house mother.

The campaign got ‘off the ground’ on 10 September 2017, when a soil-turning ceremony was held to mark the momentous occasion. Local public donors had collected R25 000, with R300 000 pledged by surrounding communities. This is an ongoing construction project which is being built as and when money and bricks are donated. Since Bait Haleema is a non-profit organisation, they rely heavily on donations to complete this project.

Currently, two villas have been erected with the third and fourth still under construction, aiming for completion at the end of December 2018 – Insha Allah. The facility will be a safe haven for kids of all races and religions with no place to go, and will feature a salaah khana (prayer room), toy library, play room and study area. The home will open its doors offering care and guardianship to abandoned children from as young as a few months old to age 18. The Bait Haleema Sa’adiyya Orphanage will recruit 12 full-time house mothers to tend to the children who will also be able to seek academic, personal and emotional support, and counselling when needed from qualified mentors. 

The organisation is grateful for all the sponsorships which they have received so far and guarantee all donors that their pledges will ensure that each orphan child stays in school, continues their education, and becomes a leader within their community.


We anticipate the official opening of this welcoming children’s shelter and applaud the Bait Haleema Sa’adiyya Orphanage team for their hard work and efforts, bearing in mind that big things are built one brick at a time. 

For more information on this project, contact Nazarene Mohammed on 083 653 5669 or email

Alternatively, make a donation to:

Madressah Ihya Uloom ud Deen

ABSA – Lenasia

Account no: 407 404 5915

Branch code: 632005

Ref: Bricks

Please email the Proof of Payment to:


New BeginningZ Orphanage opens new Baby Wall in Sunnyside

Mandela Day is a fond reminder of the greatness, tolerance and kindness our former leader portrayed. New BeginningZ Orphanage took his lead this July 18th, by giving hope to vulnerable mothers and babies who have nowhere to go.

The compassionate caregivers from the orphange constructed a second New BeginningZ Baby Wall in Sunnyside, Pretoria, where despairing mothers can safely drop off their unwanted or unplanned babies.

New Baby Wall erected in Sunnyside, Pretoria

We often hear heart-shattering news stories about abandoned helpless and frail babies that are discarded in dust bins, public toilets or parks, and sometimes left undiscovered for days.

As grim and insensitive as it may seem, desperate mothers are often left with no choice but to give up their babies because they don’t have the available resources to care for themselves, let alone a newborn.

Unwanted babies can be safely dropped off in this post box

The Baby Wall, which is the third of its kind established by New BeginningZ, is a wall with a large post box where unwanted babies can be left, safely and anonymously. This project was also made a reality thanks to PEN, a recycling center in Sunnyside which provided the location for the wall.

The founder of New BeginningZ Orphanage, Tahiyya Hassim initiated this awe-inspiring project to give unwanted babies the opportunity of life and love, regardless of how they came into this world. Through her organisation, they are cared for in a safe, loving and homely environment, before they are placed for adoption by Forever Families, an organisation which grants them the possibility of living a normal, stable life.

New BeginningZ gives these little angels the best possible start early in life with a solid foundation based on love, acceptance, security and stability through their wide range of holistic care services. Babies stay at the orphanage until the necessary investigations are complete. This is conducted to establish the future permanency planning of each child.

New BeginningZ Orphanage is situated Laudium, Pretoria, founded and run by Tahiyya Hassim.

If you would like to help her cause or require more information, please contact Tahiyya on 082 522 7868 or email

Alternatively, visit their website

‘Caring for Smiles’ share iftaar and oral health education with orphans

A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.

‘Caring for Smiles’, a group of Wits dental students, understand the value of a great smile and healthy teeth which is why they saw the need and importance to share the valuable knowledge they’ve learnt with those in straitened circumstances. This non-profit welfare cooperative of fourth- and fifth-year dental students from the University of the Witwatersrand provide oral health care instruction and education to children who cannot afford to see the dentist often, or even at all. The group is mentored and accompanied by qualified dentists from Wits Dental School.

It’s easy to neglect one’s oral health, especially if you don’t have access to proper dental care and services. The ‘Caring for Smiles’ team decided that Youth Day – 16 June 2017 – would be the perfect opportunity to share their skills, as well as a delicious iftaar with young boys from the Jamiah Faqihul Ummah orphanage in Maraisburg, Johannesburg.

The boys receive lessons in oral health and brushing techniques

Thirty-one of these eager adolescents, aged between 7 and 23, were educated on tooth decay, gum disease and other common dental problems. They were given insight into why these problems occur and how to prevent them in future. The boys were also given an interactive demonstration on correct brushing techniques using models on which they could revise and practice the tips they picked up. This compassionate group of dental students wanted to show the boys that dentists can be caring and gentle, and are not to be feared as some of them have had frightful past experiences in the dental chair.

Discussions on oral health care

Thirty toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste were donated to the children to help them get their oral health off to a great start. The ‘Caring for Smiles’ students spent two hours of their public holiday at the orphanage and also brought along food and drinks for iftaar (time of breaking the fast during Ramadaan).

Armed with new toothbrushes and toothpaste, these kids are ready to get their smile on!

The aim of ‘Caring for Smiles’ is to teach children how to improve their oral health status and prevent the early loss of teeth which is prevalent among those from disadvantaged backgrounds. They educate kids to identify a problem and take action immediately, before it’s too late and an extraction is inevitable.

For more information on ‘Caring for Smiles’, please contact Humaira Jasat on 076 651 1131 or email 

If you’re interested in donating to the orphanage, please contact Mufti AM Abdullah or Sarah on 011 472 9509 / 073 579 3786.

Banking details of the orphanage:

Jamiah Faqihul Ummah Orphanage


Nedbank Acc no. 1989088821

Branch code 198941