The Adamjee Foundation arranges free eye-testing at Thuthuzela Children’s Home

Ask someone who cannot see what the value of sight is, and they would imagine it to be a much brighter, bolder and more beautiful version of their inner thoughts. As perfectly-seeing individuals who have the fortunate ability to wake up each morning with the gift of sight, we can bear testament to this fact.

The Adamjee Foundation understands the significance of clear vision for children, who without it, wouldn’t be able to tap into their full learning potential. This inspired them to partner with optometrist, Zaahira Essay, in order to conduct free eye tests on underprivileged children. 

Seeing is believing!

On 15 October 2017, 11 children from the Thuthuzela Children’s Home in Marlboro, Johannesburg, had their eyes tested by Zaahira, who works with IMASA (Islamic Medical Association of South Africa). 

A Thuthuzela youth getting fitted for new glasses

Zaahira discovered that three of the children required glasses which will be made for them and sponsored by IMASA. The kids will also receive regular check-ups to evaluate any changes in their conditions. One of the children suffers from an eye condition which Ms. Essay explained to the house mother, Lizzy.

Volunteers from The Adamjee Foundation help the children with word games


Volunteers from The Adamjee Foundation entertained and played with the kids during the procedure, putting at ease any worries which they may have had about undergoing the test.

Zaahira conducts the eye tests

Zaahira Essay is unwavering in her humanitarian endeavours and dedicates her weekends to visiting different  homes for children. Her compassion and aid allows these youngsters to sharpen their vision, both visually and mindfully.

For more information, please contact Zaahira Essay on 083 788 0331 or email

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