The Adamjee Foundation Home Development Projects 2017

While a house is made of bricks, plaster and beams, a home is built from hopes and dreams.

The Adamjee Foundation fulfilled those dreams for two lucky homeowners who faced several stumbling blocks while building their residences.  

ZSS employee, Evence Maseyani has been building his house brick by heedful brick in Giyani, Limpopo, as and when he could afford to. Almost on the verge of completion, Evence battled to collect enough funds to complete the roof, and he would have had to work an entire year just to save enough money for this final piece of his dwelling. To prevent his hope for a new home to be dashed, The Adamjee Foundation stepped in and sponsored over R30 000 to cover the cost the roof. Evence was overjoyed at hearing this. Through the grace of the Almighty, he received help from an unexpected place. He and his family can now look forward to moving into their new abode.

New roofing was sponsored for Evence Maseyani’s home

Maphuti Rachabedi of Alexandra, Johannesburg, also had her prayers answered when The Adamjee Foundation pledged to improve her living arrangements. ANC ward councillor, Adolph Marema brought Maphuti’s dilemma to the attention of The Adamjee Foundation and asked if they could assist her with home renovations. Maphuti, who is well advanced in age, is unable to walk and had been living in a shack with her niece. Every time it rained, her shack flooded and she had to be physically lifted from the floor to her bed. After The Adamjee Foundation members heard her story, they decided to build her a decent house in which to live, along with her care-giving niece.

Councillor Marema sent The Adamjee Foundation a quotation based on the requirements, which included 20 bags of cement, a door and frame, concrete, plaster sand and various other building commodities. A total amount of R5600 was sponsored, thus ensuring that Maphuti has a safe and sturdy roof over her head.

To show their gratitude, Councillor Marema asked one of The Adamjee Foundation members to be present when the doors to the new home that they helped build were opened to Maphuti.

The Adamjee Foundation strives to improve the lives of those in need regardless of race and religion. Their kind contributions have given two families the most important gift this festive season; the comfort and happiness of a new home to call their own.

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