The Travelling Eid Shoe Box Project 2018

A beautifully wrapped shoebox containing tons of goodies is enough to light up any child’s day and fill their heart with joy. The Travelling Eid Shoe Box Project aims to bring happiness to disadvantaged children on Eid – the celebratory day which marks the end of the fasting month.

The Muslim Woman of Wonder Foundation, established by Mrs Faheema Patel, has embarked on a mission to collect and distribute these boxes of delight to children from underprivileged areas, most of whom are mainly orphans and foster kids. The project, which is in its second year running, allows children to feel loved and gives them a sense of belonging. It’s a powerful reminder that they are not forgotten and that they are valued and respected.

Faheema Patel is a working mother of ten. She manages the foundation in her spare time and is currently studying as well. Her determination to make a difference is exhibited through the incredible goals she sets for herself. “None of this would be possible without the generous contributions of those around us; Lenasia Muslim School, Africa Muslims Agency and people who have responded to our plea for donations on social media as well,” says Faheema. She expresses her gratitude to the people in the community for taking time out to make generous contributions to this worthy course.

“My husband, Dawood, and my kids have been a big part of this journey from day one. They are not only my right hand and biggest fans, but also the biggest sponsors of their time.” The family spends about three hours a day filling boxes with toiletries, toys, sweets and chocolates, board games and warm clothing items.

By 10 June 2018, the gifts will be distributed to destitute areas around Gauteng: Ennerdale, Eldorado Park, Klipspruit and Kliptown. Collection and packaging of gifts are currently underway at the foundation in Ennerdale where sponsors, friends and family gather in the little free time they have to pack the boxes.


The Travelling Eid Shoe Box Project has created unity in the surrounding areas, and with the experience, resources and support of all South Africans, this project is bound to be a success.

For more information or to offer assistance and donations, please contact Faheema Patel on 078 425 9812 or email