Tibb-Allied Communities Network Mentors Healthcare Workers in Soweto

Tirelessly working to provide comfort, save lives, aid the ailing and dispense compassion, healthcare workers in South Africa are often overworked and underappreciated, and yet they still administer their daily responsibilities with passion and attentiveness. During the final quarter of 2018, a selfless group of nurses and health promoters from Soweto, Johannesburg, were given the opportunity to enhance their skills and gain professional and academic insight – courtesy of Tibb.

The Ibn Sina Institute of Tibb is a public-benefit organisation which was started by the Bhikha Family Trust in 1997, with the vision of assisting in the provision of effective, affordable healthcare to all South Africans. Promoting empowerment through health, Tibb is dedicated to social-upliftment projects mainly focusing on the education and training of healthcare workers.

The Tibb Institute partnered with the Allied Communities Network to facilitate the placement of health promoters in municipal clinics where Tibb lifestyle advice is integrated into treatment protocols. The Tibb-Allied Communities Network most recently signed a contract with the City of Joburg’s Department of Health, aimed at training 20 000 Tibb Lifestyle Advisors by 2020. They were also commissioned earlier this year to render mentoring and coaching services to health promotors across seven regions in the city for a period of three years.

The three-year programme, written by Prof. Rashid Bhikha, will cover the planning of lifestyle management care plans for patients with chronic conditions, and it will be designed by clinic health advisors, homecare facilitators and nurses. An annual donation of R1 million is set aside for this sustainable project.

Training sessions in progress at the City of Johannesburg’s Region C

During August 2018, Tibb-Allied lifestyle advisors spent the month in Soweto Region D visiting local community centres, old-aged homes and clinics, where they dispensed advice on women’s health.

These committed nurses and healthcare employees gained comprehensive knowledge on:

  • Understanding that health is holistic and entails addressing the cause of an illness.
  • Health empowerment – giving people the tools to take charge of their own health and not simply relinquish themselves to medical professionals.
  • Gaining practical advice on healthy living and the importance of lifestyle factors in health maintenance.
  • Understanding their own unique needs based on the Tibb Principles of Temperament.
  • Learning how to make healthy food choices to benefit their physical state.
  • Leaflets on all chronic conditions and the Tibb ‘Approach to Healthy Living’ were explained by Tibb lifestyle advisors.


The team also conducted extensive research on the improvement of the quality of life in patients using the Tibb lifestyle as part of their treatment, and the results have been extremely positive. The institute aims to benefit all those who visit municipal clinics in Johannesburg, with hopes to extend the programme to other regions in Gauteng.

Health promoters and team leaders learn how to incorporate the Tibb Lifestyle into their treatment protocols.

The programme’s success can be attributed to Alcon Dube (founder of the Allied Communities Network) for his unwavering dedication to Tibb, as well as Prof. Rashid Bhikha (Chairman and founder of the Ibn Sina Institute of Tibb) for his vision and allegiance to the upliftment of healthcare services in South Africa.


For more information, please contact Magdalene du Sart or Nasira Bhikha-Vallee on 010 060 0888 or email info@tibb.co.za